3 Reasons Why Breakfast/Lunch Bars Are A God Send

Back In the day when my mom used to pack my lunch I remember getting itemized snacks. Mom used to put a container with granola clusters, Serge Island Milk in another part and my yellow SpongeBob Spoon (Don’t Ask). When Lunchtime came around while everyone had patties i had this big mess in front of me (*slaps face*). Were talking about soggy cereal, splashes of milk infused cereal stained my uniform and let’s not talk about inside of the lunch pan, “what a mess“. You may wonder how I managed to achieve this, after all Mom did do her best to package everything separately, but she forgot one thing.


“I Was A Child and Children Don’t Stay Still”


I as like a human shake weight. As a grown-up today it’s not much different. I have a long list of all the clothes I’ve ruined trying to get a taste. Well no more! its now the 21st Century and I’d like to welcome you to It. The new age has brought us so much innovation. We have evolved. I can say one thing for sure. Breakfast Bars are a God Send! why you ask? Here are 3 reasons

Quick & Convenient 

Remember when i told you that lunch time for me was very messy. Well one of the main reasons for this was because lunchtime was 30 minutes. Now that I am an adult I realize that not much has changed. My lunchtime is still 30 minutes, now between me an you prior to being hired I was told my lunchtime was to be 1 hour in length, however we all know that employers don’t always practice what they preach. Surveys in 2017 done by Statista show that Workers in the United States enjoy some of the longest lunchtimes globally averaging at 36 minutes. So you have 36 minutes to nourish yourself, what do you do? Grab a Bar that’s what! There are so many varieties to choose from. I know what you may be saying “that cannot full my belly for lunch” and you may be right, but given the right pairing, you can save time and money so it’s a win win. Check out our example on the left.

No Mess Equals Less Stress

Is it wrong for me to assume that adulting is jus a random series of cleaning up messes. When we were children we had hella messy affairs and it’s continues into adulthood too. Fortunately as adults we have choices. Large manufacturers such as General Mills now offer milk infused options such as our Cinnamon Toast Crunch & Lucky Charms that we stock on our online store. These options both come infused with milk. Nobody wants to scurry to the bathroom for paper towel to wipe up spilt milk before returning to their workspace. There are so many options now, the name of the game is progress and keeping fabric unstained has gotten easier by the day. We understand that not everyone’s pallet craves sweetness but there are options such as Chicken Breakfast Bars by Epic and Beef Jerky alternatives if Savory is more your thing. Breakfast and Lunch are yours for the taking, choose wisely.

3. The Inevitability of Your Metabolism

You’re not as young as you use to be and work isn’t helping. Let’s not beat around the bush. Covid-19 came and it isn’t ready to move out yet. Surveys during the pandemic show that 90% of the world’s workforce went on lockdown, this may be much different now considering things  are going somewhat back to normal, but are they really? Further statistics show that work hours increased by 30% for all remote workers, but productivity did not (Source: Time.com) 

Whether you go in office or work remotely, one thing is common. You spend vast amounts of time in stationary positions. No movement leads to many health issues. Those who have sedentary jobs experience a greater incidence of diabetes, muscle-related pain and fatigue. Those who stare at a computer all day also report higher rates of issues with their eyes. It’s not because your old either, this happens to the young as well. 

What have we been given to prevent this? The simple answer is food. In stressful environments one can only do so much with the time given. This is why Breakfast/Lunch Bars are the best thing since sliced bread because they cater to this situation. The options are endless and on the go. We Hope you give them a try. Brands we have found tasty include RXBAR, Pamela’s Whenever Bars and Authentic Bars

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