Cardi B Wavy Jerk BBQ 2.75oz

$ 230.00

  • THE OFFICIAL SNACKS OF HIP HOP: Rap Snacks offer a wide variety of popcorn, and potato chip flavors that feature major recording artists. Each rapper has their own distinct flavor, custom packaging, and has a quote from the rapper on the back of the bag. You won’t find another snack like this!
  • WHY RAP SNACKS? With the purchase of a bag of Rap Snacks, fans can scan and buy music, concert tickets, merchandise, and download artist content.
  • UNIQUE SEASONING: Rap Snacks is the only company that features these costume flavors. No other snack company will have our unique seasonings!
  • JERK BBQ: Rap Snacks Jerk BBQ flavor profile provides a unique twist to the popular BBQ flavor. This wavy potato chip has a subtle smokey Caribbean- Jerk inspired flavor with a sweet BBQ undertone. You won’t be able to stop snacking!

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