Mac’s Pork Skins

At Mac’s, our mission has been the same since 1932: cook the best pork skins and cracklins around. Our long-standing focus on taste and crunch means we select only the highest quality ingredients to create the satisfying flavor and unique texture you love. Our naturally low-carb snacks fit many lifestyles including keto, low-glycemic, and paleo. Because pork rinds and cracklins are naturally low in carbs, you don’t lose the flavor or texture compared to most diet snacks. Unlike other ketogenic snacks, Mac’s are free of artificial ingredients. Instead, the natural fat found in pork skins and cracklins provide the savory taste and satisfaction to keep you on track throughout the day. Bring Home the Crunch Today!®


  •  A delicious, crunchy snack seasoned to perfection – our sweet and tangy BBQ recipe has the savory taste and texture you crave!
  • Includes one 5-oz. bag of low-carb pork rinds.
  • Fresh, crunchy and well-seasoned with just the right balance of brown sugar and spices, Mac’s pork rinds are the perfect on-the-go snack.
  • Mac’s low carb chicharrones are an easy keto-friendly, on-the-go snack.
  • Mac’s snacks are ketogenic and macro-friendly at just 80 calories per serving, with 8 grams of protein and zero carbs.
  • A flavorful low-carb substitute for tortilla chips, Mac’s are the perfect dipper for chili, salsa, and guacamole – a great base for nachos.
  • Simply crush and use in place of panko breadcrumbs as a low-carb substitute to add a delicious flavor to your favorite “breaded” foods like shrimp, chicken or veggies.
  • Naturally flavorful pork rinds up the taste on anything you pair with them.
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Mac's Pork Skins – BBQ
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