Hey you found our Blog ! Welcome to Fresh Blog we can see that your new around here. Don’t worry we are too. This Blog was created because we have so much to share and so little platforms. 

As You may know we run Refresh Wholesale on Instagram and Facebook respectively. Over the time we have been in operation we have seen many faces and we always appreciate communicating with our customers. With this in mind we decided to give Blogging a try. We are still young but we feel like we have a lot to contribute and best of all you get to read it.


This Blog will contain Snack/Food Reviews, Business Tips, Shopping Tips, Bargain Hunting, Adventure & Suspense, Baking Recipes, Cooking Recipes and Vlogs. There is no limit.

We hope our articles contribute something significant to your life. Thank you for coming and check back often as new articles will be released often.

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